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Our raison d’etre is to help our fellow doctors manage their professional lives

Increased legislative and regulatory pressures, demanding clinical workloads and diminishing administrative resources are now resulting in a situation that is overwhelming for many doctors

One of our core priorities is to help members address the challenges of Revalidation and Relicensing. However we plan to introduce a range of member services.

We provide structure and services to help our members meet their regulatory and compliance obligations.

Our member services are both comprehensive and flexible in their range.
The medical Support Union recognises that doctors work in a diverse range of settings
In consequence we offer an individually tailored service with as much or as little support as required.

For members who work in well supported environments our core service is robust defensible and independent appraisal and responsible officer service leading to revalidation/ recertification and relicensing.

For members working in poorly resourced and supported environments, who may be time poor and placed at a disadvantage by the legislative and regulatory burden, we offer a continuous approach, with a full concierge service to assist in the management of your portfolio, a programmed framework of reminders and regular guidance meetings to ensure that you remain on track.

At present our process are a mixture of paper based and electronic.
Our intention is to swiftly move towards an entirely on line service.

Current Member Services

Electronic Portfolio

Our encrypted cloud based available electronic portfolio will allow access and management of your critical professional documents anywhere anytime.

Your electronic professional portfolio is the foundation of your evidence of fitness to practice and eligibility to work. Elements contained within it will be required by a variety of agencies throughout your working life.

A medical Support Union Electronic Portfolio puts you in fingertip control of your information.

Password protected access, for online editing and sharing is available for

  • CV
  • Professional Qualification Documents
  • GMC registration
  • College registration
  • Higher professional training
  • References
  • Statements of Probity
  • Statement of Health
  • Testimony
  • Occupational Health documents and status
  • Mandatory Training Documents
  • Criminal Records Bureau checks
  • Independent Safeguarding Authority checks
  • CPD guidance and support

Further information is available in the members section of the website once you have logged in.

PA and Concierge

The Medical Support Union provides a Personal Asistant and Concierge service to all members, in order to facilitate the organization of their portfolios. However the breadth of service that your personal concierge provides can support you in wide a variety of ways.

Our personal concierge’s are all administration professionals.
Your personal concierge is a flexible on demand service, providing the individual level of support that you require.

Our personal concierges use systems that integrate with the Apps on your Android smart phone or Apple iPhone. You can instantly and effortlessly collect evidence of CPD activity, file documents in your portfolio, delegate tasks to your concierge, manage your diary.

For example our systems enable members to easily collect and add documents and evidence of CPD activity to their electronic portfolio. The full range of your personal and professional activities can be automatically coordinated for you across different work settings as you choose.

Your concierge will also provide an alert and booking service for professional development opportunities and events.

Your personal concierge can also help you with any other aspect of managing your work life balance, from booking travel, getting your car checked in for a service liaising with your NHS secretary, facilitating routine tasks, sourcing the best deals on utilities and insurance, dealing with the mundane burden of communicating with organisations and agencies

All of which adds up to valuable time saved..... and a better work life balance for you.

Further information is available in the members section of the website once you have logged in.

Professional Cloud

As a full member you will benefit from access to your own professional cloud.

In simple terms this is your personal office accessible from any device any time, providing fully collaborative e mail, shared calendar, contact management, task tracking, document storage and sharing, and unified voice and messaging communications

All of this is provided within a single interface.

Your professional cloud is your information and communications hub for collaborating with fellow members or indeed anyone on any network.

You’ll be amazed by the power of your Professional Cloud