About Us



The Medical Support Union was conceived and founded in  2011 as an independent medical service provider and governance organisation, including Enhanced Appraisal systems, Responsible Officer functions, administrative support and services to individual doctors and organisations. Our governance services are run on a mutual basis for doctors by doctors.


We aim to be a total support organisation providing a range of systems and innovative services to empower doctors and organisations

What’s different about us?

We are truly independent.

Our Appraisers have independence of role and tenure. Our Appraisers, Case Investigators, Case Managers, Responsible Officer and indeed our whole governance structure are uninfluenced by contracts of employment, vested interests or managerial objectives outside of their commitment to the medical profession and the patients we serve.

We are on your side

Our whole reason for being is to help you successfully manage the increasing demands of a professional career and in so doing excel in your work on behalf of patients

We are leading the way

Some of our innovative support services are unique to us, moreover the combination of services you won’t find anywhere else within a single organisation.

Please take a look at the range of support and services we offer.

“I'm really glad I found you. Everything is so stressful and its difficult to get the right support. I feel much less anxious about managing things now”

Staff grade locum doctor, December 2012

The Medical Support Union, MEDSU Ltd is registered in England at Companies House

Company Number: 8220779